Wii2/Project Cafe predictions and launch games!Edit

By RAZOR So WII2 is confirmed but what will be the console like? and what will be launch games?

Well this is where i step in! I am going to make predictions on how WII2 willl be like and what will be the launch games.

So personally i think WII2 will infact not look anything like the WII. I think it will look like a normal home console and will sitr horizontal rather than vertical! I think the speculated controller will actually be real. I mean Nintendo are always first people to come up with something revolutionary. Like WII, 3ds etc. I think the wiiware will be more like psn and you will be able to purchase an actual game not those budget cheap games.

I also think Nintendo will shift to movies with games. Most likely a blu ray player like PS3 and also able to buy movies online!

Now to the most important aspect-THE GAME! So here are the list of launch games!

- Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 remastered for WII2

- Mario Kart (Wii2 edition)

- Wii2 Sports

- Pokemon Battle Revolution 2

- Legend of Zelda remakes

- Metroid Prime other M 2

and last but not least

- Super Mario Bros. Ultimate or 3 (This game would include all the nintendo character and also create-a-super bros mode!

Most likely Wii2 sports will be like wii sports. Wii2 is to be shown in less than a month so fingers crossed one of these games will be showcased at E3! Hope PS4 and Xbox 3 get announced there!

Nintendo has a lot of tricks up its sleve!

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