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THQ has been composing WWE games for a while now and every a SMACKDOWN VS RAW game comes out. These games are basically an update with updated roster, new feature and new Road to Wrestlemania storylines. However these games simulate WWE pretty well. It has been ages since we have had something different so Sal Davita (Mortal Kombat) of THQ San Diego came up with WWE All Stars, a take on hilarious cartoons and then forming them as WWE Superstars and Legends.

When I first saw the first gameplay footage I was apauled that WWE could let THQ even make a game that mocks the whole company. Then I saw the roster and swiftly changed my mind and couldn't wait to get this awesome game. I love the way THQ has come with the roster and it shows us promise with the roster of 2012's edition of SVR. I really hope they put Ultimate Warrior as one the Legends.

To start things off there are 30 characters(15 legends and 15 current superstars) and 12 other DLC including the American Dream Dusty Rhodes! The characters are all beefed up so they look like something out of G.I Joe figurines collection and their finishers are presented in a maxtrix sort of way as the screen turns yellow, it goes in slow motion and when it lands it makes shock waves in the ring. Take The Rock Bottom for example, as he wraps his arm around the opponents neck he he jumps high in the air in slow motion and eventually slamming his opponent on the floor.

There are 4 classes of the the wrestlers; big man which is basically moving slow but strong attacks, then we gave grappler which is basically the all rounder, then we have brawler who is good with chain attacks and finally acrobats which is basically lot of highflying and dodging. All of these hae exclusive abilities and moves.

There are many game modes too! There is exibition, fantasy warfare which is basically dream matches between legends and superstars and there the Path of Champion which is basically Road to Wretlemania but this you can choose any superstar and have 10 matches and at the end choose to vs. Either Undertake,DX or Randy Orton. I like this and the cutscenes are amazing. The Create-A-Wrestler is pretty robust too, but not as good as SVR 2011.

The only thing about this game I don't like is the control system, it is horrible and next time I would expect something better!!!!

Overall this game is a change to the annually SVR and great fun. Only thing that needs fixing up is the controls and a bigger roster and you have a strong contender for fighting game of the year!

I give it a well deserved 9.4/10Edit

Time for another trip to the dentist!!


To infinity and beyond!!!!!!

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