Spiderman- Edge of Time details(updated everyday)Edit

When I heard about the Edge of Time I was actually happy because Benox are making the game! They made Shattered Dimension and man that was an awesome game! So here are the details and plot along with videos!

So basically this game will feature a "cause and effect" gameplay system where one spidey's action will effect the others along with Amazing Spiderman and Spiderman 2099 being the main protagonists! Here is the plot:

"The plot revolves around the player switching between the Mainstream Marvel and the Marvel 2099 universe, playing as both Peter Parker, aka the Amazing[1]Spiderman, and Miguel O'Hara, aka Spiderman 2099, to try and prevent a catastrophe resulting from Peter Parker's untimely death, caused by an evil scientist for the 2099 universe. It's been stated that the actions of Peter Parker can affect the the world of Miguel O'Hara. An example of this is that if Peter Parker was to destroy a robot prototype, the finished robot wouldn't exist in Miguel O'Hara's time."

So here's the first trailer:


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