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Shift 2: Unleashed Review==

By RazorEdit

As you may know it was annouced recently by Marcus Nilsson(executive producer of Shift 2) that they would be dropping their trademarked famous title Need For Speed for this game because Shift is meant to be for a sim audience not an arcady oriented audience. This told us that Shift 2 will be infact a CARBON(see what I have done there) copy of Gran Turismo.

In this year's installment the Career mode is called " entertaining and interactive." Well the name sure is correct! However when the guy said this game is for sim fans he was not bullsh*ting! It is not the same NFS Experience we'd expect but it is still pretty good! Well sim fans won't like what I am about to say! If you are a fan of GT5 don't expect this game to have 1000 cars, don't even expect it to have even a quarter! This game has only 140 cars which is quite a lot but nothing compared to GT5!

This game still has some good features! Helmet-cam for example, this thing puts us in the driver's driver and actually makes you feel like you are actually driving it. It is a hell of a feeling and I loved it! Also Night racing has been tweaked to make it more better and realistic. Damaged headlights also effect the racing as it makes seeing in the dark a little harder. Also this game won't have split screen, good news for hater but bad news for fans and I don't see why this will effect the game in any way!

So overall this game is pretty good for a sim game but but sim fans stick with GT5 and NFS fans wait for Hot Pursuit 2!

I give this game a good 7.5/10Edit

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