Mortal Kombat Review!

By Razor

I am so F*ckin pissed that this awesom gruesome game won't be released in Aussie that means it probably won't be coming out in NZ either! But it actually is! SO thats good for me and other gamers in NZ. But it is quite sad as Aussie gamers win't be able to play this bloody good game!


^a : PS3 exclusive. ^b : Alternate character form. ^c : DLC character.

The characters of Kenshi (a blind swordsman from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance) and Scarlet (a character based off a glitch in Mortal Kombat II) are officially set to be released as DLC


Maybe feeding you insects was a bad prank after all!

But hey its not like they are missing out on a huge they are only missing on what may be the best arcade style fighting game ever!

So the first thing the devs have done is make Mortal Kombat(MK) more accessibles for casual players so that they can play just like the pros and not get confused which I thought was the smartest thing done to the game. You wouldn't beleive but this is the first time I have ever played MK in my life and I felt I have been playing it for years.

So basically MK's primary gameplay made up of 1 on 1 battles and run at 60 frames per minute! And unlike its other counterparts this one will have 4 attack buttons which will each represent a corresponding limb. Also a 'super meter' has been added to enhance gameplay which can be filled up by various different moves and combos initiated by players during battles. The super meter can be charged up to 3 levels and can be used to enhance a special attack, interupt a combo or perform a xray move which is basically the camera zooming in to show an inside view of the character who is being attacked thus showing the bones and organ being completly destroyed. Which is totally awesome.

There is a variety of game modes consisting of Online mode, tag team fighting mode, the challenge tower and the fatality training mode! The challenge tower is basically a single player mode which will see you defeat 300 fighters to reach number 1. The fataity training mode allows for players to practice the player's fatality!

The backgrounds are also quite impressing and no longer look like a cheap film studio with a gay wallpaper stuck the background are now fully animated and there is even one where there is gigantic firebreathing dragon! This make the game even more fun to play.

Overall this is one awesome game and deserves all the praises it gets I only wish that they had included a few more fighter and the tag team mode would be as much as fun as the one on one but other than that this is a perfect game for parties and even single fun. I see we already have a game better than Marvel vs Capcom 3 and a nearly guranteed fight game of the year winner!

I give it a bloody 8 out of 10!!!

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