L.A Noire ReviewEdit


I have a lot of expectations for this game and and while most are fulfilled there are some that are not. But luckily there are more fullfilled then failed. So that now I have mentioned that lets begin with the review!

So the gameplay takes place in 1947 Los Angeles, a city of glamour, fame and wealth where also crime and corruption are a major problem. We play as Cole Phelps, a LAPD Officer who starts of as a patrol man but rises the ranks to become a top notch Arson Investigator.

The game blends investigative elements such as mystery and crime solving with fast paced action sequences including on-foot and car chases as well as gun-play. In addition to the storyline missions, the player can work on optional side-investigations following a call from dispatch. The player can also travel on foot, as well as in different vehicles.
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Yo I am Going in!

Unlike Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series, the player cannot freely create chaos and kill civilians with weapons and cars, as the character is a police detective. Weapons are only allowed in certain missions and the civilians will always evade any vehicle that would potentially kill them.

What I really found mind blowing in this game was the motionscan technology. L.A. Noire is also notable for using Lightsprint's real-time global illumination technology, as well as Depth Analysis's newly developed technology for the film and video game industries called MotionScan, where actors are recorded by 32 surrounding cameras to capture facial expressions from every angle. This peice of Technology carried the game on its shoulders.

Overall this an awesome game which needs fews tweaks and some improvements. I felt the cases were too repititive and the ending was horrible but overall I found the game highly enjoyable and although some parts were boring majority was pretty good.

I give this game a NOIRISTIC 9.2 out of 10Edit

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