Bulletstorm screen 4

Backoff you f^cking jerk or I will shoot your small balls!

1726630-bulletstorm 3

Look its Hugh Jackman or Grayson Hunt who looks like Hugh Jackson

Bulletstorm Review[1]EditEdit

By RAZOR[2]EditEdit

Ahh the humble FPS genre, so much killing and strategy it does my heart when I shoot a guys head in Black Ops and he dies a bloody death. Well It so happens that FPS games are not only based on wars or other human fights. Games such as Halo, Crysis all involve aliens or something Sci-Fi. They are good and all but they are all related or similar to each other, I feel we need something different but good to take over The FPS genre. Thats the part Bulletstorm comes in!

Well I'll explain you why! First of all the setting is awesome, there are a lot of scenic views, cannibal gangs and not to mention giant man eating plants! These things take the game to as whole new level. Well there are also other things.

Set in the 26th century, Where confederation of plants are protected by a secret army called Dead Echo. Grayson Hunt is the main protagonist, a space pirate who is showed to be an ass of a man who redeems himself during the game. Its up to him along with his cyborg sidekick Ishi Sato and Trishka a hot sexy lady to get the survivors off the island and maybe redem himself in the process. He also gets a leash, a weapon which can alow Grayson to get enemies and chuck them in the air in slow motion. You also get Kill combos that reward you more points by combining shots!

One of the highlights is the Skillshot. A gameplay system which rewards the player for creating mayhem in the most bloody, creative and destructive manner possible. Some examples are killing the enemy in midair and executing someone after shooting his testicles also known as his ball sacks!! These points can later be used as currency at dropkits located across the planet. They include gun shops, skillshots list and gameplay statistics.

The weapons are deadly awesome but I feel it needs more. They range from pistols to a cannon that shoots 2 grenades!

In conclusion, Bulletsorm is excellent with a big E and all it needs are better weapons. I thinks Bulletstorm with its dirty language and awesome kills is an early and a strong contender for the Game of the Year!!!

So I give Bulletstorm a Bullettastic 9.8/10 Edit

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