Brink ReviewEdit


You Sir are on the 'BRINK' of death!

This year the FPS genre has had some some good games. So far the best one is Bulletstorm which is already an early contender for Game of the Year! Well Brink, not as good as BulletStorm is a fun game with some minor faults and set backs.

So lets start off with the plot. Brink is set in the near future on an enormous floating city called The Ark. Which is quite close to San Francisco. It was made so it could sustain an enviromental catastrophe. The city was only meant to accomodate 5000 people but it now has to accomodate 50,000. Lack of food, clothing and water was the result and many people came up with a group called Resistance. They demanded more and were eventually refused by the leaders. So the Resistence armed themselves with weapons and take mattes into their own hands and distributing the resources themselves.

So now the other people were recruited and would go on to defend themselves against the Resistence forming a group called the Security. So now The Ark is one of the most dangerous places to live in and the leaders are calling the rest of the world for aid. Both gruops see each other as the bady guys and the we get to choose we get to place as. So thats about it for the plot.

The gameplay is based on parkour-style movement and the online multiplayer holds up to 16 players. The game runs on the SMART system which basically work by the noting the player and predicting what he is trying to do. The system lets players navigate system enviroments without a complex input.

You can choose from 4 character types: The soldier, the medic, the engineer and the operative. There is also a Squad commander system which gives players Context Sensitive missions.

Overall the game is good but not great as I find gameplay quite repititive. There are limited maps and progress is very poor. The developer uses these set back and makes their game a whole better. Brink is a fun multiplayer FPS game which needs more ammo and polishing.

I give this game an edging 7 out of 10Edit

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